Friday, February 6, 2009

yeah I'm a pipeliners wife.......

Brandon will be going back to work real soon, it should be kicking off anytime next month. This is a good thing for us because we will finally have money again and be able to catch up on some things and get ahead. With all these great things are not so great ways to look at the situation, which is something I always find myself doing. I am going to miss him so so so much! and I know Kiah is going to miss him too, it just sorta breaks my heart, and the fact that Kiah is just now getting used to him being around all of the time. I am just afraid that she will totally forget his face and when he gets back her not recognize him. I think I'm so worried about missing him so much because I have been around him 24/7 going on 4 months now, therefore I am just used to him being right beside me!

Also I never know when he will be back which sucks. I don't like sleeping alone and I always make my sister sleep over at my house when hes gone. I used to go on all of the jobs with him but since I had kiah its just better for me to keep her here at home with me until she gets just a wee bit older. But we discussed it and decided that we need to travel together before kiah gets into kindergarten, because we want her to have the same school. Anyways I have done this many times before and I will be alright. I just feel a little sad for Brandon because I know he told me that he is " really going to miss Kiah and doesn't want to leave her, and that its going to be really hard on him." theres more good then bad in this situation i guess, I love my family! Thank you baby for being such a husband and father.

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  1. Can you guys maybe get webcams before he leaves? And then you guys could still talk to each other and see each other and Kiah could still see him.