Sunday, February 8, 2009

So what is wrong with you people??

I just heard some 'gossip' from one of Brandon and I's closest friends. The bad things about this 'gossip' is that one it involves me & Kiah and two it involves me 'supposably' breaking the law. The worst part of it all is that the 'gossip' was heard out of a cops mouth. So here I am knowing that everyone in this small town of Beggs is talking about these things that have been said. I am not going to disclose any information regarding what exactly was said due to the circumstances but I will let you know that it does not make me look very good in the least bit..... If people believe what is being said then they probably think the following: I am not a good mom, I neglect my precious baby girl, i am a drug addict lol (i dont do drugs. END OF STORY), and just pretty much a good person. Worst of all, people talk about everyone in this town and I dont want people always thinking about these things whenever they see me around or whatever you know?? Everyone would probably lose respect for me, for sure.

But here I am upset. The good thing about it all is that I am 100% innocent and could do anything anyone wanted me to do in order to prove my innocence :p I know its not true it just bothers me so much because what was said involves my little Kiah and that really really pisses me the fu*k off and I mean that!! I just wonder who in the hell would give the authorities that damn idea?! it is so off the wall that its insane. And the shittiest thing about it all is that it had to be someone me and my hubby know personally; I know this by what was said. I have a few people in mind and they must be snitches (not as in snitching on me because I am innocent). im talking about people who are in trouble with the law, anyways they will tell on someone in hopes of lessoning their sentence. It just ooooh I am so mad!! now i have this bad feeling about everyone that comes around cause I know it had to be one of them; you just can't really trust fu*kin g noone these days I swear.

So I will keep everyone updated, and to those of you who I am REALLY close to, just ask me and I will tell you what exactly was said. I could use REAL advice, you know advice from the few that will know all of the details about all that is going on. Just please pray for the person who has said these horrible things about me, pray that God will come into their lives and give them some more 'sense', they will need it if indeed they plan on making it out alive.

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  1. Well, I haven't heard anything...and I have one of the most gossipy grandma's ever! ANd you're's Beggs! At some point or another someone is going to talk shit about you...unfortunately! And I'm sorry that it has to involve your baby girl! That makes it worse. When I dyed my hair dark from blonde a guy my dad works with started telling people that he saw Jacob driving around town with a different woman...loser!