Friday, February 6, 2009

mmm.....Valentines Day, now show me how much you love me!

So we all know that valentines day is coming up....well I still haven't figured out what exactly it is that I want. When your married thats when you get the best valentines gifts. I told Brandon that since I HAVE to be his valentine lol then he had better be a good one, this will be our first valentines together; the last 2 times he was out of state working. Also it will be Kiah's first one also, and daddy is her valentine too ;p We are going to get her something nice for the holiday but aren't sure what yet. Some things I have thought up in my head that I want are the following: new pair of earrings either ruby or sapphire, my wedding band that I still don't have (if I don't get it then I will insist on getting it w/tax return) theres one I found and it was only 800 and that was at clearance price, I knew i should have just got it then but brandon wasn't working then and I didn't want to chance it although he really really wanted me to just get it then!! So I am definitely getting jewelry no matter what! I would actually probably prefer a new ring, like a heart shaped ruby or something of that nature would be pretty nice. I have never been the kind of girl that wore jewelry until I met brandon.

Just a little background info ;p: I had met Brandon a few years ago and it was only a month or so before my 21st birthday. After he had fallen in love with me and stayed at my house that two weeks after we had JUST met, sadly he had to return to the pipeline which was in Texas at the time. My birthday was a month away at this point. We talked on the phone CONSTANTLY even when he was busy at work, anyways he would ask to talk to my mom just about every time and she would tell me "I can't believe how great of a guy you have found", and stuff like that. He told me that he had gotten me my birthday present already but that he was not done yet. My mom told me that it was very very expensive so I thought it would be a computer or something cause those are expensive. Anyways Brandon and i were just really really missing eachother, (I mean we had just fell in love w eachother and here we were in different states!!) So he bought me a bus ticket lol and I rode the Greyhound all the way to Texas where he was working of course, 13 hour freaking trip with total strangers, although I didn't care at all cause I really loved this awesome man already and knew that I couldn't live without him!! He picked me up from the bus stop ( I had never been so excited to be with someone in my whole entire life) and we went back to his hotel room which he had cleaned up for me,(thinking back on these times only makes me fall in love with my hubby all over again!!)and of course he was so excited to give me my gifts that he insisted I open them a few weeks early. I opened the first box and it was a promise ring, to my surprise there was a second box and in it was a diamond necklace. So here i am in Texas with a guy I just met and he has bought me both a diamond ring and necklace for my birthday!!!!?? there was a third box! in this one was my favorite, a set of diamond earrings!! he spent well over 1,000 bucks on me, I felt so special at this moment and I just knew that this man hugging me right now HAD TO BE MINE FOREVER, AND I WASNT GOING TO LET ANY OTHER GIRL HAVE THE CHANCE TO REALIZE HOW WONDERFUL AND AMAZING HE WAS AND STILL IS TODAY. To this day I still wonder how it is that I got to marry Brandon, I don't know how another girl before me hadn't already snatched him up!

I really do feel like the luckiest girl alive everytime I wake up next to my night and shining armor. My baby is sweet, caring, understanding, he opens my doors for me, hes a fantastic father to our daughter, he tells me im most beautiful when I wake up in the morning, he always sticks up for me when people treat me wrong, a great listener, and he has saved me from beating myself up so much. He has made me more confident, strong, and happier then I ever dreamt I could be!!!

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  1. No wonder you weren't getting comments! You should be watching Dr. Phil right's about "what's wrong with men?" And it has these guys on there that think they are "it."