Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kiss the cook, there is nothing I enjoy more than cooking something new for my family!

My two favorite hobbies are scrapbooking, and cooking. I will have to say that COOKING I enjoy cooking the most although scrapbooking is not too far behind....

Anyone and everyone that I have ever cooked for has always said that it was the best they have ever had. Whether it be my mashed potatoes, fried pork chops, homemade chicken fettuccine alfredo, or famous chicken lasagna, all I ever get our compliments. I especially feel good when an older person likes my cooking and says its the best because they have had alot of experience with food already. Its just an honor to me. I like looking up new recipes every morning and then serving them that night to my family (they are my little guinea pigs). I haven't gotten any complaints ever about my cooking except for maybe I put a little too much salt in my goulash once and my brother complained. My husband always tells me how lucky he is that he has a wife who loves to cook and one who is so awesome at it!

It was funny the first time that I ever cooked for my husband Brandon because he didn't take me as the type that knew how to cook, and plus my age. I told him that i was going to make him some 'Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo', he waited ever so patiently and when I finally brought him a plate he said this is great! the best I have ever had before! He asked me why it took so long and he was surprised to hear that I had made it all on my own. I had mixed my heavy whipping cream, fresh grated parmesean cheese, 1 cup parsley and 1 cup oregano, topped with light sprinkle of Nutmeg. He thought I was going to use the canned sauce already made; I guess that was what he was used to. Anyways I just wanted to share that little story with all of you. I have never made something that I didn't like either. Alot of times you hear people saying how they don't like their own cooking but I must say that mine is da bomb lol!!

I will be posting my very own recipes and hope to publish a book one day.......

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