Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kiah and that huge diaper...

so this morning I totally slept through Kiah waking up.... i woke up and she was in the living room floor. I guess her Uncle John must have heard her and got her out of her crib. I felt bad for John so I went ahead and got up plus Kiah spotted me on the bed and she owned me from there on! She is such a momma's girl its insane! She also does this coughing thing, if you fake cough to her she will fake cough back and she does it to get attention lol, duh! So I changed her first diaper this morning and her jammies of course, they had urine on them cause I guess she had used the bathroom too much in her sleep, this made me feel bad but it was really no big deal. Then I fed her her first 3rd gerber foods, it has more texture way more than she is used to. It was oatmeal and apples cinnamon and to my surprise she absolutely loved it! Anyways that is pretty much all that has happened so far I will be posting when something a little more exciting comes about.

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