Monday, February 2, 2009

The hubby says NO to me blogging about us.

Okay so I can understand my husbands reasoning on this subject because I would probably feel the same way. He doesn't want me blogging about anything pertaining to us and our relationship.

Let me give you a little marriage background information (hope the hubby don't read this lol)
Since Brandon and I have been together, it will be 2 1/2 years in Sep. 09 he has been an X-ray technician which means he is always on the road and alot of times i stay here in Oklahoma. Well the past four months we have spent 24/7 together. With the stress of having to pay all of our bills with no income, caring for Kiah (she deserves the best) ,theres no room for disagreements. And I believe that stress causes some married people to sometimes drift apart.....I am so glad that my hubby can keep his cool, hes always calm, cool, and collected under any circumstance ;p i am the total opposite, I freak out about even the smallest things. I can't wait to go to the dr and see what they say about all of my stress!

Anyways so I really wish that I could blog about him, or I mean us. But I respect him too much to do so. So, I may not be blogging about our little 'arguments' but I will blog about how wonderful of a man he is! I will explain to you later what i have been battling for a while may want to come back and read more.

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