Saturday, January 31, 2009

That good ole' Bobbie Lynn

WARNING: I am going to be leaving out what this beautiful girl has saved me from, for fear that people will form their opinions about me cause of it, I am more then what I consume everyday.

So Bobbie Lynn Hurst and i have been great friends going on a while now...... And let me tell you that I have never met anyone in my life whom I have more in common with. I can relate to this girl like no other person in this world. We have been through some of the same sruggles in life and its great to know that I have someone that I can talk to who can relate to what I am currently going through. Anyways, she pointed something out to me today that for some reason I had never really thought about, and it really really opened my brown eyes lol! I have been very hypocritical to this girl for the longest time without even knowing it and im glad she pointed that issue out to me for I dont think I would have realized it without her help. So I just wanted to tell her thanks, thanks Bobbie for saving me from this 'thing' that I have been stuggling with going on about 2 years now. And thank you for always letting me tell you things and as a result only learning more by our conversations. YOU ARE AN AWESOME GIRL, and together we can get through this. I promise, i really do this time. I LOVE YOU BOBBIE LYNN! you are my hero

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