Saturday, January 31, 2009

Matt Logelin seen in People Magazine.....

So I read this article in People Magazine about this guy named Matt who has been taking care of his daughter following the death of his beloved wife. Sadly, his wife died 27 hours after giving birth to their daughter madeline. It was very intriguing, this story and it really touched my heart. He has a blogspot but I don't think that I can add him as a 'follow up' blog due to all of the attention he has gotten following the People article. I really wish I could! I would like to tell him how courageous and strong he is for being there for his daughter after experiencing such a deep tragedy. The website mentioned in the magazine was I went there today and they were experiencing technical difficulties, but I was still able to read a few of his blogs. Anyways I think that everyone should check him out and give him support! He often post questions for moms regarding advice on how to care for a baby.

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