Saturday, January 31, 2009

I play mommy every morning...

Good Morning to everyone! I sleep with earplugs, so this morning I heard Kiah blabbing on..... I opened my eyes and was terrified to see that it was light outside! She never woke up to eat in the middle of the night (she normally wakes up anywhere between 4-6am for a bottle), so I was pretty sad knowing that I had to get out of bed for I slept so good last night! Probably the best sleep I have gotten since I can remember. When Kiah wakes me up I have to do 90 to nothing first thing! Change her diaper, fix her some juice, dress her for the day, and feed her some baby food while giving her some mommy loves that she always seems to need especially in the morning. I absolutely adore that baby girl! and a mother's love really is unlike no other.

Also I let Brandon go ahead and sleep in today. Sometimes I either make him get up with me or I make him get up with Kiah ;) I think its only fair that I get to sleep in a little too ;p I think parenthood should be pretty much a 50-50 kind of deal. It can get overwhelming for me at times when I feel that I just need a 'moment' to myself, in this situation I just hand her over to her daddy and tell him that I am taking a break. Which he is pretty good about helping with her (for the exception of when she was a newborn, he was kinda scared to help with her because she was so little, 6lbs at birth) I have been making him change at least one diaper a day with the exception of some days, and no dirty diapers for him! I love my little Kiah May Hill with all of my heart but I would have never dreamt that being a mother was really so much work! Its not that it is hard work its just that its 24/7 you know? we stay at home moms dont get to go to work and then kick up our feet when we get home like the husbands. I wouldn't change a thing about it though, she is really a joy and the outcome is so so rewarding!

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