Thursday, February 5, 2009

To save, or to spend?

So if you read a previous blog then you already know that me and my husband are counting on our tax money to be here in 8 days now. I can't wait! Our total that we are getting back is around 10,500. last night we wrote down everthing that we HAVE to pay off with the money and that leaves us with 5,000 to spend on whatever we want. Well we have decided to put 2,000 into our savings account; we figured since Brandon is going to work in march then that will automatically no doubt be 2,000 that we can save since he clears more than that on a working week. It has also been brought to my attention by 2 people on my myspace that I have an issue with telling people and bragging to them how much money that I have. So I thought that it would be a good idea to clear this up with those of you who will be following my blog. I am NOT that type of person! I am just not the kind of person who brags to others...just maybe about how much prettier my kiah is then their baby lol (thats just a new mommy for you!). It's not my fault that I am so blessed to have a husband who makes well over 100,000 a year, guess you should have found you a better one if your so worried about my life and how much money that I have. If someone came up to me or my husband needing some money well...we would definately loan it to them. They would have to sign a loan agreement though. We have had too many people in our past who have borrowed money and still owe us to this day, so we don't like being used by people, but if someone has more than us then we will surely hand it right over to them! WE are very giving people and wouldn't let anyone we love go without.

So the hubby said that i can spend at least 1,000, and I am pretty freaking sure that I deserve every single penny! I am going to buy me lots of new clothes cause the ones I have right now are too big since I seem to be losing weight at a steady pace. Also Ima buy me some new purses, some boots, makeup of course, maybe a chi hair straightener, I am getting a whole new hairstyle and color, and many more! Also I have a list of about 100 things that Kiah will be getting lol, she deserves it the most for being so freaking adorable and sweet! I will be posting more soon so dont forget to come back and check for updates!

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