Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The man of my dreams, in reality the man I will spend forever with

I met Brandon when he just showed up at my house while I was living with my mom. I knew there was just something 'different' about this guy. He seemed pretty weird and shy.... Well we became instant 'best friends', he stayed with me for about two weeks, we would lay on my bed and watch movies all night. And believe it or not but we slept in the same bed during these two weeks, and just maybe shared a few kisses.... Well 2 years later now we share a beautiful charming little baby girl and an everlasting love sealed with a marriage license and my gorgeous diamond ring.

I have realized that he will always be pretty weird to me. He has a strong dislike for the color blue, won't wear anything with blue on it, won't drink anything blue, definately will not sign a bank statement in blue ink instead will ask for a different color, wont eat blue candy, and many more. I like that hes a little bit mysterious and I have yet to figure him out, you know? every other person I have ever met in my life, well I had them pretty much figured out within 5 minutes of conversation with them. Its cool, he will always have me on my toes, and i will never get tired of him cause you never know what hes going to come up with next!

I was first attracted to Brandon by his personality. He is a true gentlemen (he opens my doors for me), Lets me go first, always calls me SWEETHEART unless of course im in trouble ;(, he has respect for me and never calls me names like bitch even when I am being a real one!! lol He's just not ur typical man and I can sure promise you that one, and of course he says Im not ur typical women either so maybe thats what brought us together. I didn't know there were men like him out there considering the losers I dated before meeting him. He was also very hott!! and sexy in my eyes and he only seems to get hotter by the days, I feel so lucky to have such a great husband who is also hottt... He has the nicest ass and the cutest nose ever! He is also strong willed, confident, good values and morals, caring, generous, hard worker and never gives up, perfectionist, and he wants to own his own UT company someday in the near future and build a nice big house for kiah and I to live in. He is only 25 and cleared 94,000 last year working as a pipeliner. I am very very proud of him, and he just builds onto that each and everyday.

Anyways i just wanted to let everyone know why it is that I married Brandon Hill!! He is absolutely the best husband I could have ever hoped and prayed for. Thank you baby for saving my life, you are my one true HERO! And thank you so much for being a wonderful father to our little Kiah, I am so glad that she has a man like you in her life, and I know with you as her father and I as her mother that she is going to have the love and life that people only dream of..............

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