Friday, February 13, 2009

your available balance is $10,666, yippee! let's go shopping!

So we just found out that our tax refund money has been deposited into our bank account, so my day started off pretty freaking exciting! If you have been following up on here then you know that I have been waiting about 15 days for it to be here! Kiah has a doctor's appointment today at 1pm in Okmulgee. After that brandon and I are going to head over to T-Mobile to pay our 600 phone bill and then get our new phones! right now he is sleeping in until about 11am he says, so in the meantime I am going to shop around on the internet and see if there is anything that I can't live without (i already have some websites bookmarked with things I am going to buy!!) Also I am going to sign up for some magazine subscriptions since you save money that way! Cosmopolitan, baby mags, new home, cooking mags, ooh I am so excited. Well I had better start making a list of things i want for when we get ready to go shopping! Have a nice day! I know I am gonna have a fantastic one!! God Bless you!! as he has certainly blessed my family today!!

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